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When we started our business, Hands on Wildlife, we didn’t have the first clue about bookkeeping our accounting, we are animal people not number people. I quickly found myself overwhelmed. I knew I needed help. Luckily, my path crossed with Jennifer at For the Record. She helped me set-up and learn my accounting software. Over the course of about a year she had me more organised and feeling more under control than ever before.

All of a sudden, I had professional invoices and a reliable record keeping system, and I knew that I always had Jennifer there to help me overcome any challenges. I was able to customise the assistance I received and as I gained confidence I was able to only ask and pay for the help I needed. For a business just starting this ability to customise training and services helps so much with budgeting. Jennifer is a gifted teacher and even though I felt clueless at times, she was able to set me at ease and help me find solutions.

So whether you are looking for someone to take over your bookkeeping or someone to guide you through the learning process and get you on the right track For the Record is the place to go. The help we received from Jennifer at For the Record has allowed our business to grow and I feel confident that as our business evolves For the Record will be there to guide us further.

Jackie Hasling, owner, Hands on Wildlife


Jennifer from ‘For the Record’ has been a tremendous help with our plumbing business. All our bookkeeping, BAS records and reports are continuously kept up to date and I now no longer have to worry about the stress this had previously brought me. I would recommend Jennifer to anyone who requires help with anything to do with bookkeeping and/or office work.

Yvonne & Graeme Bower, Vongrae Investments Pty Ltd

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